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TuffStuff is one of the UK’s numbers one for design, manufacture and supplier for tuff waterproofing UK limited. Up and down the country we aim to provide bespoke solutions for all roofing needs and supply our products through a dedicated stockist network. At TuffStuff we have created a dedicated development team that ensures to work very closely with customers.

TuffStuff has been working for almost 30 years in the trade, started in 1980 we have worked throughout the current years always adapting. Creating new ways to provide effective roofing solutions for all our customers is one of our number of priorities when moving forward. We have a team dedicated to staying ahead of the always evolving environment, pushing the boundaries of GRP roofing systems. Roofing resigns from TuffStuff is one of the leading liquid solutions for flat roofing.

Our roofing resin and top coating is something we are very proud of. The state-of-the-art solar reflectivity in our roofing resins provide excellent thermal and UV stability for all climatic conditions. Meaning no matter how tall your building or small your roof our roofing resin and application methods will be suited to you. These are quick curing and fully flexible throughout the service life, complex shapes and details can be dealt with and easily applied. Roof penetrations ventilations and the cooling plant can all be sealed, creating the perfect watertight flat roof.

Our roofing resins and top coats can be reapplied at any time extending the working life indefinitely. We understand how important it is to have a flat roofing that is waterproofed and keeps water out. We have the ideal solution for flat roofs and keep them completely watertight and ensure that you are protected throughout your investment.

We have always aimed to put our customers first. That’s with we have a rigours research and design time working daily to find new ways to save our customers large sums of money. Not only do we have a team dedicating to finding cost-effective products, but we have an expert team with many years of knowledge behind them. All of these features come together to form a perfect practice for roofing solutions.

If you are looking for roofing resins, then Tuff Stuff has the perfect roofing resins for you. Many customers have already benefitted from our services and are happy to have over 25 years of use from their flat roofing. So, contact us today and join them in having your expectations exceeded.

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The TuffStuff® range of base coat and top coat resins have been rated to the highest possible levels of fire safety and are classified to BS EN 476: Part 3: 2004 (AA & AB).