Frequently Asked Questions


What Decking Do You Recommend for use with TuffStuff?

We recommend OSB3 (Oriented Strand Board) in 2400x600x18mm sheets and Tongue & Groove OSB3 in 2400x600x18mm sheets.

Standard 18mm Plywood can be used but it must be a good quality exterior grade with at least one good face.

Note: If square edged boards are used, bandaging of joints will be required.

See Page 10 of our Installation Manual for more detailed information.


What is the Shelf Life of Base Coat, Top Coat and Catalyst?

Base Coat & Top Coat – Both products can be stored for 6 months from the date on the batch label on the side of the can.

Catalyst – This has an indefinite shelf life

How are Pigments Mixed with Clear Top Coat?

Each can contains 1.5kg of pigment and represents 10% of the weight of the clear topcoat (15kg).

The entire 1.5kg can of pigment should be added to the 15kg can of clear topcoat and mixed thoroughly to ensure the pigment is evenly distributed.

If pigmenting more than one can of topcoat – consider mixing all cans together, once pigmented to ensure uniformity of colour.

What Coverage will I get from a Single Bag of Non-Slip Chippings?

One bag will cover 10m².

You should always order extra as you need to saturate your roof area with chippings and then sweep away the excess once cured.

What will TuffStuff Bond To?

Traditionally, GRP waterproofing products are applied to timber substrates and will not need primers as long as the timber surface is dry and clean.

TuffStuff can be applied to some plastics if the surface is abraded to give a ‘key’ i.e. rainwater goods.

Other materials that TuffStuff will bond to with a primer applied, include concrete, stone, brick and some metals. If using TuffStuff for any of these materials please contact us prior to your installation taking place.


Do I Need to add Catalyst to Top Coat as well as Base Coat?


Both are polyester resins and require catalyst to cure.

See Page 37 of our Installation Manual for the exact quantities.

What area will Base Coat and Top Coat Cover?

Basecoat – 15kg =10m²

5kg = 3.3m²

Topcoat – 15kg =30m²

5kg =10m²

How are Chipping's Applied?

Chippings are applied by hand, progressively across the roof as the topcoat is applied.

Always ensure a good coverage of non-slip chippings to avoid ‘bare patches’. When cured, sweep away the excess.

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The TuffStuff® range of base coat and top coat resins have been rated to the highest possible levels of fire safety and are classified to BS EN 476: Part 3: 2004 (AA & AB).